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The politician, the actor, the businessman, the student, the housewife… Everyone wants 
to have their own blog. To share their opinions, experiences, and dreams with others. 
To speak of the day that’s gone by. To criticize and to praise. To interest others in their life…

Stories both ordinary and extraordinary. Compelling tales and boring ones… The Internet  
is increasing full of blah, blah, blah…                                             


I like Krakow for many reasons.

The people are the main reason, Krakow is so easy, small compact, so much in such a small place, I feel at home there. Life here is not so nice, the UK is not the place I grew up in, so much has changed and not for the better.

Had a coffee outside today, very warm and sunny here in Wales. It is not always like this, it often rains.

Take care.   Frank.


Dear Anita
Thank you for the invitation to Marek´s exhibition. He and his wife Jolanta (who is a wonderful graphic artist) are my best friends in Poland. We have often visited each other, have had exhibitions together and Jolanta and I have been on int. workshops together several times.  
We have known each other since the 1980´s. So its many years of friendship.
I have still not heard anything from Elzbieta. I dont know where she is at all and would hate to lose my connection with her.   

1000 autumn greetings from Lis Gram.

“Letters from Wales to Japan”


To know about.  Victor Ashe* 

Ashe tapped to lead Radio Free Asia boardnew - Monday, October 4, 2010

WASHINGTON - Former Knoxville mayor and U.S. Ambassador to Poland Victor Ashe has been elected chairman of the corporate board of Radio Free Asia, a non-profit that broadcasts  
and publishes news to Asian countries where media typically is censored.
Ashe and Michael Meehan, a communications expert who also has served as a staff adviser 
for several Democratic senators, will serve two-year terms. Meehan was elected vice chair.
Both are members of the Broadcasting Broad of Governors. U.S.-sponsored BBG broadcasters distribute programming in 59 languages to an estimated weekly audience of 171 million people via radio, TV, the Internet and other new media.
Radio Free Asia is funded by an annual grant from the broadcasting board.
Ashe is a former Tennessee lawmaker who was Knoxville mayor from 1988-2003. He was U.S. ambassador to Poland from 2004-2009.
Meehan is president of Blue Line Strategic Communications, Inc. and is senior vice president  
at Virilion, a digital media company.

*Victor Ashe - the American ambassador to Poland 2005-2009, a collector of Polish contemporary art and a friend of the gallery.    


Hi Tom and Anita,

This afternoon the chair finally arrived. everything is okay! It is wonderful, and I’m very happy that I’ve taken it!!!
I have only to put the silicon on the two glasses to fix them again, hoping, that it will keep!
The candleholder is perfect too!

Best regards from Bolzano


Hello Anita,

I hope you are well and staying on top of your busy lifestyle. I am living a healthy life in Wales, getting plenty of exercise everyday in the sports center and walking in the hills: no cigarettes  
or beer! I have time to read, watch DVDs, and think.

Once again, thanks for taking me out on that nice trip to Tyniec.

I enjoyed my visits to the gallery, it is my favorite gallery in Krakow.

I will be back in Krakow 1st September, I hope we can have some interesting conversations  
and good food together.

Kind regards,


I continue to look for inspiration for my new series (surroundings).
Spring walks around my neighbourhood are fantastic.

                   Grzegorz L. Piotrowski